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Drama Club meets on Mondays in Room 220 from 2:30 – 3:30. We meet year-round to study improv games, acting methods, real-world auditions, college and career goals, intense scene work, playwriting, film and computer editing.
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sports equipmentCheerleaders are role models, so they need to have positive caring attitudes, be responsible, and show commitment to their team, practice, and cheer oath. Shawnee Eagle Cheerleaders have spirit, and they want to have fun and make their school a better place. Cheerleaders have to think beyond themselves and realize they are paramount to the success of the entire team! Eagle cheerleaders are getting noticed around the district for their teamwork and spirit!

“I enjoy getting to know the team and helping them both on and off the court. I think coaching is an important job and helping young adults develop life skills is the most important aspect of it. Skills on the court are secondary to empowering and developing the interpersonal skills needed to navigate a lifetime.” -Coach Heather Vanover

Cheerleading Tryouts: PHYSICALS need to be taken care this summer. Tryouts will be in the VERY beginning of September (for a ballpark). The season is yearlong.
Our basketball program focuses on building accountable young ladies both in the classroom and on the court.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards to be the pride of the Academy at Shawnee.  We are in no way perfect, but we always strive to be.  Our motto (3D), Discipline, Dedication, and Desire started many years ago and we continue to this day aspiring to become the complete image of the female athlete.
Girls basketball is a winter sport, but I expect my team to work on their individual skills year round. If we hope to compete with bigger schools we have to really live by our 3D motto so we return for team workouts and scrimmages during June and July (excluding the dead period June 25th - July 9th).  We have open gym a few weeks after school starts and our official tryout date is October 15th.  The season will begin after Thanksgiving and last until late February.

We are always looking for new young ladies to join our basketball family and even allow our graduating seniors to come back and assist us in practices and training camps.  These seniors help to usher in the next generation of leaders by passing the torch and establishing the foundation for all the great things to come. 

A lady Eagle basketball play is dedicated to her craft and her team.  She shows the discipline, dedication, and desire to be the best at everything she attempts and she NEVER quits without reaching her goal.  She is an athlete, a student, a leader, but more important, she is a good person.

                    -Coach Arrione Smith

sports equipmentGolf is a sport the enables one to achieve success on an individual level and still be part of a team!

Anyone willing to try a new sport and looking to be a part of a team is a great candidate for golf! Commitment, attendance, a physical, and fun are the requirements for participation. It is a fun sport to play because you develop friendships, enjoy the sunshine and outdoors, work closely with your coach and mentor to develop golf and interpersonal skills.


“Girls golf is in its infancy. So this year will hopefully be a year of embracing girls and bringing them into the sport.” – Coach Heather Vanover

Golf is a fall sport. Tryouts will be held as soon as school starts.
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Final Season Scoreboard

Combined: 50 Wins - 54 Losses - 2 Ties

Girls: 54 Wins - 61 Losses - 19 Ties

Boys: 75 Wins - 50 Losses - 8 Ties

Track and Cross Country

On the track team, students learn the basics of track and field, and they gain confidence as they practice and compete.

Cross Country season is from August through November; Indoor Track season December through March; Outdoor track season is from March through May. Athletes are expected to attend all organized practices, Monday through Thursday from 2:40 to 3:40 (or sometimes later depending upon event).

“I love the challenge of putting together a plan to aid in the growth and development of the athlete whether in the classroom or the playing field. It is seeing the excitement of the athlete when they improve, be it a school record or a personal best and knowing that I are helping them to compete with teams within the state.” – Coach Gaery Morton

Bragging rights:


•Regional Champs – 4×200 Meter Relay
•State Meet 4th Place – Time 1:31.39
•Ranked #16 – Jefferson County
•2nd Team All State
•Michael Carr
•Keenen Kelly
•Quinton Gray
•Vinnie Moore
•Regional Runner-up – 100 Meter
•Vinnie Moore
•State Meet
•100 Meter –7th Place – Vinnie Moore
•200 Meter – 6th Place – Vinnie Moore
•4×100 Meter Relay – 7th Place
•Michael Carr
•Keenen Kelly
•Joe Slaughter
•Vinnie Moore


•Indoor 400 Meter Champ – Joy Hearn – Time 1:03.03
•Ranked #33rd All Time Jefferson County
•Indoor 55 Meter Champ – Ortasia Butler – Time 7.60
•Ranked #18 All Time Jefferson County
•Outdoor State Meet
•100 Meters – 7th Place – Ortasia Butler
•200 Meters – 7th Place – Ortasia Butler
•4×100 Relay – 11th Place
•Ortasia Butler
•Keosha Jackson
•Joy Hearn
•Myra Johnson
•400 Meters – 17th Place – Joy Hearn
•State Meet
•Triple Jump – 4th Place – Michael Carr – 44’ 9”
•2nd Team All State
•Ranked 29th All Time Jefferson County


•State Meet – Discus – 5th Place – Myra Johnson – 114’ 9”
•Regional Champion – Discus
•2nd Team All State
•Ranked #8 All Time Jefferson County


•Cross Country – Natalie Sherley
•Ranked #10 Freshman Class Jefferson County Public Schools

Student quote: “Track is an outlet for me. When I’m going through something, I can run off my problems. When I’m running I feel good because I feel like it’s just me and the track, and it’s all I see. I couldn’t even tell you if I was in first or last place when I run. When you really love track, you just feel it… Track is my life, and it made me want to do better in school because all I want to do is run.” – Precious Barnett

•The mission of Volleyball is to play with respect, heart, and desire – every point, every game.
•Tryouts are July 15, and the season goes from the start of August to mid-October.
•If you have commitment and work ethic, volleyball is for you!

Mike Jolly
The much improved wrestling team continues to grow and develop into a quality contender in the metro area. The team has competed in all of the top level duals in the county: The Main Event (Valley HS), JCPS Tournament of Champions (Doss HS), Section 5 Duals (Moore HS) and The Stag Power Duals (North Bullitt HS). Coach Edison believes that Michael Dotson, Calvin Shelby, Larry Urbina and Tyler Board are primed to make a run at placing in the regionals which will allow them to qualify for the state tournament. Also, the team scored 10 points and placed in the JCPS Tournament of Champions.