ALL are welcome in the club. We do ask that students arrive promptly, contribute/participate for the entire hour, have a serious interest in art, and are committed to attending weekly meetings.

Meeting Times
The Art Club meets from 2:30-3:30 every Friday in Ms. Holladay's room.
TARC Tickets
Are available for students who need transportation home.
Mission Statement
The club defined its mission statement in the student’s words as:

The Art Club at Shawnee exists to create art in order to: Express our emotions without judgement, and to inspire a positive outlook for both our community and ourselves.
Recent Projects have Included
Illustrating an inspirational quotation, painting on cookies, learning about artist Frida Kahlo and how/why she made art, and most recently independent acrylic paintings based on our chosen subject matter.
Future Projects Include
Community murals, art with recycled materials, installation projects around the school and in our community.
Art Club